Adventures in Hellfrost

After the Frost Giant

The heroes had regrouped and started searching for the priest when they opened a door and found a hoarde of waiting goblins. Unfortunately, the Sword Captain that helped them find the old tower and temple was peppered with arrows and a particularly vicious one to the face. After dispatching the goblins that came down to trading arrows, leaving the goblins now espace, it was a fight to the death.

The group then proceeded down a secret passage to encounter a couple of guards that proved tougher than expected. Here, Thidrin was cut down by the guarding huscurls and Rhodie almost succumbed to the bolts fromt he priest who had stepped out from behind fur curtains. They withdrew taking the the body of their comrade to join that of the shield capatain. Here they met a new friend who was himself a sword knight seeking news of the sword captain.

They vowed that they must immediately descend back into the temple to find the frost giant and save the countryside…


obatron obatron

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