Adventures in Hellfrost

The Trouble with Elementalists

We spend our well-deserved rest in Azlov, where we have found a place to stay. One evening in a tavern, we are approach by a man in white robes touched with brown and blue. He introduces himself as Magister Artor Stimval of the Convocation of Elementalists. He asks us to come visit his master. He may have a job for us. If we come, we should bring our gear, as we will leave directly. We agree to meet him the next morning.

Meeting him, we follow him to a discreet location. He throws a coin into the air. As is descends, reality’s fabric tears to reveal an office. As it hits the ground, we find ourselves in said office. Another man greets us and introduces himself as Yurit Bascal, Archmagister of Air. After some refreshment, he tells us that the Convocation had more centers before, and one has been discovered in the Bleak Hills, 70 miles north of Meyer. It was thought to have been merely a fortress abandoned after the Demongate War, but is actually a lost school or library. He sent an expedition, but it has gone missing. He asks us to investigate and return the expedition’s remains. For this service he will pay 2500 gs. In addition, we may keep any mundane items we find, although any books, documents, and relics must be returned to the Convocation. We agree and he provides us with 4 cases (one for each element) with 3 scrolls each, said to be useful in opening doors. The expedition consisted of 4 principals and 2 scouts. Finally he gives us each a coin with which we can return to his office. He then uses his own coin to transport us to the Bleak Hills.

We are greeted by Elowyn Ingvardottir who tells us what arrangements have been made in town. In town we find that the rumor is that the elementalists were eaten by a dragon. We find a guide who leads us to the site. The walls have been blown out. Within we find a long dead camp fire. There are four towers — each with a door that has been cleared of rubble and presenting a sigil of a different element. We choose Air and use to scroll to gain entry.

We descend 50 feet down a spiral staircase into darkness. Lighting torches, we find a corridor of doors. We open one and hear the tinkle of a bell. It is a very large room with bookshelves. We are beset by undead elementalists in very old clothes — clearly not the expedition. “You shall not spoil our research!” We defeat them and continue our examination of the room. We find a book entitled On the Construction of Secret Portals. Pursuing it, Borik spots a secret door in the corner. We open it and our torches extinguish. Something in the room does not like fire. We relight our torches and peer in, seeing a table with tomes and scroll cases. Sylvus opens a diary and it explodes. Rhodie leaps away in time, but the others are burned. Sylvus carves a rune to cause a burst of cold, extinguishing the flames. Saved are

Register of Elementalism
Secrets of the Four Spheres
A Study of Magical Sigils
Alchemical Art
Four tomes of learning elementalism
A scroll of bolt
A scroll of sphere of might
A scroll of water walk
Four diaries of undead magisters

Borik reads one of the diaries and can’t tear his eyes away. He now has a compulsion to eat only seafood.

We explore more doors. Then we spot door that disappears after glancing away. Using a wand of detect arcana, we find a secret door. Within are a dozen chests in groups of three. Figuring this to be a good place from which to return to the Convocation, we move the tomes and scrolls already found here. Another door has been blasted off its hinges. Within we find 97 gs.

Next we come across a set of double doors. These lead to a circular auditorium 180 ft across. There are figures in each of the quadrants and one in the center. Borik approaches one, and as it happens, they are not dead. Borik and Rhodie slay one on the right while Sylvus slays another on the left. The one in the center engulfs Borik and Rhodie in flame while to others are sheathed in elemental shields. Rhodie runs around the circumference and charges the water elementalist. Borik advances on the center and is struck by a bolt. Sylvus also advances and carves a rune of coldfire on him. Rhodie runs around to finish the final quadrant of earth. The center counterattacks without effect. Borik and Sylvus reach him, but miss and Sylvus’ huscarl advances to strike him down. On him we find a paper bird, a silver hand, and a small windstone worth 500 gs. Borik’s ally does not survive the fireball, but Rhodie’s recovers. There are plinths in the four quadrants with depressions that appear to accept stones, but the windstone does nothing when placed within.

We continue to through the exit marked with the fire sigil. A hall extends to the west. We come to an intersection and try the door to the north. Within is another door. Borik enters and cannot open the inner door. When he closes the outer door, the inner door opens, but those left behind cannot open the outer door. He finds himself in a large, open, scorched chamber and he is not alone. The is a soot elemental here. Meanwhile, the outer door has unlocked and the inner door has closed. Rhodie and Sylvus enter and hear him call for help. He dispatches the beast in a mighty blow and calls out that all is well, just as his friends burst through the inner door. Now they are confronted by three soot elementals. One by one, they defeat the elementals. The door to the chamber is a relic — they unhinge it and take it to the hidden room.

For this session they earn 1 XP.


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